Assuring the close relationship between RISD Research and the faculty it serves, the Research Advisory Council (RAC) is a joint faculty and administrative working group established to develop effective organizational practices for the advancement of Research at RISD. The RAC is also intended as a locus for developing institutional expertise and shared practice for promoting and administering innovative models of disciplinary and interdisciplinary research, and emerging approaches to partnered research in the art, design, and liberal arts disciplines. Meetings are scheduled for the third Thursday of each month during the academic year.

With advance notice to the committee, attendance by members of the RISD community is welcome.

Dan Cavicchi, Dean of Liberal Arts
Tracie Costantino, Dean of Faculty
Shawn Greenlee, Associate Professor, Div. of Experimental & Foundation Studies
Daniel Hewett, Executive Director, Research, Committee Chair
Nancy Skolos, Dean, Architecture and Design
Peter Yeadon, Professor, Int|Ar (on sabbatical)
Neal Overstrom, Director, Edna Lawrence Nature Lab
Sheri Wills, Dean Fine Arts
Arthur Hash, Jewelry + Metalsmithing
Steve McDonald, Council (Ex Officio)
Charlie Cannon, Associate Professor, Industrial Design
Claudia Rebola, Associate Professor, Industrial Design
Emily Vogler, Assistant Professor, Landscape Architecture
Claudia Covert, Special Collections Librarian
Sarah Ganz-Blythe, Deputy Director, RISD Museum
Aaron Forrest, Assistant Professor, Architecture
Jennifer Liese, Director, RISD Writing Center

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