InfoEd Global’s SPIN provides a comprehensive view into the realm of research grants, fellowships, training opportunities and various other funding mechanisms. Over 40,000 distinct opportunities from 10,000+ sponsors are covered, making SPIN the single largest repository of funding information, and the most effective means of identifying the sources of support for your next project.

1. Visit http://www.infoedglobal.com
2. Select “SPIN” from the Client Login section
NOTE: Remote users, accessing SPIN from off-site or from a non-registered IP address, must enter their personal Login Name and Password, which you will need to set up if you don’t already have one.
3. Run searches on any keyword. Please apply the filters using the bar along the top for more advanced searches.
4. To create a profile in SPIN to receive daily email alerts about funding opportunities, please follow the instructions under SMARTS/Genius Profilebelow.

SPIN can generate daily email alerts tailor-made to your specific research.
To set up this service, you need to create a SMARTS/Genius Profile:
1. Visit http://www.infoed.org/GeniusSearch/genius.asp
2. Select “Create a New Profile”
3. Complete the necessary steps to get your unique username and password
4. After you are registered, you will be prompted to complete the Profile Summary page.
5. Complete the General and Keywords section, as well as the SMARTS matching section. This will enable you to receive funding announcements to opportunities in which you and the institution are qualified as applicants. * Get more detailed instructions

* Quickstart Guide
* SPIN Reference Guide
* Help / SPIN training videos

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